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Meet Wendy Lipton-Dibner, M.A.


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Known Internationally for Her High Energy Presentations and Practical Information.

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“Wendy Lipton-Dibner has helped me shatter my own speed limits. She hired me for marketing advice, but soon I was asking her to coach me! Her advice helped me quickly double my sales, took my tennis game to a new level, and even improved my marriage. Her formula is simple but profoundly useful for anyone who feels stuck and wants to soar to new heights in any area of their life.”
- Steve Harrison, Co-Founder
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Joe Wade Formicola WPTF AM 680 News Talk Radio
Hear Wendy discuss the 2012 Presidential Campaign
(Non-partisan opinions on how campaign candidates move people to action)

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Hear Wendy discuss the 2012 Presidential Campaign
(Non-partisan opinions on how campaign candidates move people to action)


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  • "Money Matters" with Scottie McCall - WBNW 1120 AM
  • "Money Matters" with Chuck Nilosek - WBNW 1120 AM
  • "Buffalo Works" - WWKB 1520 AM
  • "The Brian Greenberg Show" - WNJC 1360 AM
  • "Health, Wealth & Happiness" with Gary Pozsik - WGCV 620 AM
  • "Pete Ferrand" - WRJN 1400 AM
  • "The P.A. Bennett Show" - WGCV 620 AM

And more…

“Two ingredients found in far too short supply these days are passion and commitment. Wendy Lipton-Dibner brings a refreshing, needed blast of both in her exciting offering, Shatter Your Speed Limits. What’s remarkable about this
piece is that the lessons learned are told through an engaging story that includes personal epiphanies, paradigm shifts for personal growth, blowing through speed bumps that impede human progress and much more. Her enthusiasm for the story, the lessons told and learned and her love of people and their success is evident throughout. It’s a ‘must read’ for anyone who seeks a fuller, more positive existence.”
- Warner Lewis
Host of Lewis at Large Radio

“Wendy Lipton-Dibner has done it again. Instead of talking AT us, she beckons us to follow an ensemble cast of engaging, believable characters along their intertwined journey and to share their ‘Aha!’ experiences along the way. As you begin to recognize parts of yourself in this quartet, you’ll meet your personal internal ‘Crew’ who tell you - and each other - what to do 24/7. You’ll come face-to-face with the carved-in-stone Rules you’ve been carrying around since childhood. And you’ll see that anything you want to do requires Permission - your own to you. In a hurry? Speed-read this book in two hours. But to really benefit from the valuable insights in this modern parable - and savor its myth-busting ending - read it again, dig in for real and do the work. It’s worth the effort.”
- Bonnie D. Graham
Producer/host “Read My Lips” Talk Radio
(formerly “Up Close & Personal”)