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Shatter Your Speed Limits® In-House Programs - Catalysts for Organizational Change.

Since 1980, we've helped hundreds of corporate, small business and healthcare organizations to get better results with, from and for people through our parent company, Professional Impact, Inc. Our clients know they can depend on us for strong, practical content that is delivered in high-energy, entertaining programs that yield fast and sustainable results.

Our programs focus on the people factor of organizations. We provide:

  • Executive Team Strategic Planning Meetings and Retreats
  • Team Alignment Programs
  • And a wide variety of training programs that increase collegiality, productivity and revenues - even in the worst economies.

Our proprietary training formula assures that your team will consistently act on what they learn with passion and commitment.

That's a really heavy claim - so permit us to expand on that a little bit.

The simple truth is that our clients make permanent changes in the ways they do business. And they carry those changes into their personal lives as well.


When we work with an organization, people change - they change how they think, they change what they do and they change what they get.

We've found the simple secret to making our training stick. So, the only reason you need to bring us back is when you're ready to take your results to an even higher level. Admittedly, our fees are a little higher than average - but then, so are our results.

So - Are we right for you? Well, here's a bit more about us:

What we NEVER do:

- Present scripts and protocols that force everyone to fit into a box.
We have found that the best success comes when we show our trainees how to bring out their unique assets and maximize them within a proven framework that yields results.

- Bore people with theory.
We believe that it's important to understand the foundation of strategies so they can be applied in a wide variety of circumstances. But do you really need to know that the first person to conceive of the idea that led to the development of the first component in the third formula was born in 1823? Seriously?

- Assume all attendees are motivated and willing to change.
Okay - let's be honest. No matter how many times people assure you that they are "driven team players," the reality is that very few people get really excited about the prospect of change - unless of course, you're telling them that you're going to get their colleagues, employees or leaders to change. Yes, the simple truth is that everyone wants to change someone else. So, since that's what they want, we give that to them. We show our trainees how to use all of our strategies and techniques to get what THEY really want - at work and at home. And while we're at it, we help them to identify and break through the barriers that keep them from being excited about and ready for change so they'll actually USE what we teach them. Wow. What a concept.

- Waste our clients' time or money.
Over our 30 years, we've had the distinct honor of helping tens of thousands of people in a wide variety of organizations to achieve significant goals in record time. Every once and a while, however, we encounter a client whose goals far surpass their budget. If we don't believe we can help you achieve the results you want, we'll tell you up front.

- Break our promises.
Every organization has underlying "issues" that surface mid-way into a change initiative. We expect that and plan for it. From time to time, however, we discover challenges that we consider to be strong barriers to success. On those occasions, we will recommend a detour to address those issues before we move forward. Without exception, every time we have made that shift in plan, our client achieved the original results they requested - and more. Sometimes that means working with a sub-team of people to help them to break through their barriers before we can merge the team again. Other times it's simply a matter of revising the training plan to incorporate different strategies. Our flexibility is our greatest strength. In fact, the times we've been up nights re-writing our programs for the next day often yield the most exciting results of all - particularly when our clients tell us "we got so much more than we expected!"

What we ALWAYS do -

- We find out what you really want and, if we believe we can help you, we get you to your destination faster than you ever imagined possible with practical programs that delight and invigorate your team to embrace rapid and long-lasting change.*

So - What results are you looking to achieve this year?

Let's have a conversation - our gift to you: A 30-minute consultation with our CEO, Wendy Lipton-Dibner. She'll ask you a few questions, you can ask her your questions and together you'll determine if we're the right fit for you and your organization.

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"Very informative, enlightening all around a very positive experience. Your training style is truly the best I have experienced because of your ease of presentations." - Mary Langen, Office Manager

"Meaningful, positive, practical weekend with 2 sensitive people." - Hal Willens, MD

"It was truly and honestly life changing - in work and in personal life. Hal and Wendy taught us that we all do matter even though we are totally different people and we all have different lives and we all look at things and situations totally differently that we can all work together and help the patients in such positive ways. Some of the things we learned were so great because they are things we would have never known how or what to do until we met Hal and Wendy... Another thing about the workshop that is probably the thing I loved the most is how it changed others. I saw a change in some people that was and is just amazing. I think this workshop helped many of the leaders in such positive ways and, I thank you for that." - Andrea Decker

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