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Fast Track Coaching

Reinvent your business and your life...
Identify and break through success barriers...
Talk through and brainstorm ideas - and make them happen!

Are you living the life you want, or the life you've got?

Get what you truly want in business and in life with our Fast Track Coaching

STEP 1: Identify Your Speed Limits

Many of our clients came to us thinking they knew what was blocking their success ... only to discover speed limits they hadn't realized were there! And what happened when they shattered their speed limits? Simple. They got what they truly wanted - faster than they ever dreamed possible.

What are the speed limits that are keeping you from reaching your chosen destinations? Motivation? Skills? Connections? Tools? Time? Support? Energy? Self-esteem? Internal conflict? Relationships? Rules?

Do you know?

Let's find out! All it takes is one conversation (phone, iChat or Skype) with our Fast Track Coaches. You'll speak with not one, but two Fast Track Coaches: Dr. Hal Dibner and Wendy Lipton-Dibner, M.A. Hal and Wendy have a combined 66 years experience serving as consultants, trainers and coaches to top executives in Corporate and Healthcare Organizations worldwide. Together they'll guide you to identify the hidden speed limits that have kept you from getting what you want in your business or your life - and outline a strategic plan so you can make it happen!

Your Fast Track Coaches will guide you through the Shatter Your Speed Limits Action Formula™ and help you identify:

1. Your deepest DESIRES (discover the goals even you didn't realize you wanted!)
2. Your RESOURCES (what do you already have and what's missing)
3. YOUR PERMISSIONS (where you're stuck)

Some clients find this one phone call is all they need to get them on the Fast Track so they can move forward and achieve everything they truly want! Others choose to continue on with Option 2.

STEP 2: Shatter Your Speed Limits® Personal Coaching Sessions
(phone, iChat, Skype or in person)

You and your Personal Fast Track Coach will work together to identify and shatter any and all speed limits that keep you from getting everything you truly want - in your business and/or your personal life.

Together you will determine the ideal schedule and format to achieve your goals in the fastest possible time frame. Speak with your coach every day, weekly or monthly. You decide what works best for you.

Want to accelerate the process? Choose our weekend package and shatter your speed limit™ in record time! You'll work with us in an intense, 2-day program where you'll have our undivided attention focused entirely on helping you get what you truly want.

Can you benefit from Fast Track Coaching? Take a quick quiz:

Fast Track Coaching Self-Assessment

For each statement below, please rate yourself on a scale of 1 - 5 where
1 = Never 2 = Rarely 3 = Half the time 4 = Nearly all the time 5 = Always

Characteristic My score
I have a personal goal that is important to me, but I can't seem to achieve it.  
I have a goal in my business life that is just out of reach and I need to make it happen this year!  
I have achieved goals in the past, but I haven't been able to sustain or grow the progress I've made.  
My self-talk holds me back more often than it propels me forward.  
I'm not depressed, but I do feel angry, scared or sad more often than I'd like.  
I have no doubt that I am the primary barrier to my own success.  
I have been settling for the life I've got instead of living the life I want  
I know what I want, but I don't know how to make it happen  
I have no idea what I really want. I've been too busy trying to help everyone else get what they want.  
I often feel alone in my business. I need someone I can trust to help me get to the next level of my success faster!  
   Now add up your scores and divide the total amount by 10  

How to interpret your results:

If your answer is between 1.0 - 2.5:
We would be happy to talk with you, but the odds are we can't make a significant impact for you.

If your answer is between 2.6 - 3.9:

Our program is likely to help you in at least 50% of your life.

If your answer is between 4.0 - 5.0:

We were made for each other! Our Fast Track Coaching Program is precisely the ticket you need.


Fast Track Coaching Clients Say...

"The process in Shatter Your Speed Limits is amazing. In fact, the author, Wendy Lipton-Dibner is amazing. I first learned about and used the process in this book when Wendy became my coach. I am the Director of Pocket Full of Change Ministries and was struggling with being comfortable asking for the necessary donations to do the work I felt spiritually led to do. Working with Wendy and her partner, Hal and using this process helped me to examine and change “life rules” adopted in childhood that were blocking me from fulfilling what I consider to be a call from God. I bought Wendy's book as soon as it became available. Reading the book and knowing firsthand how much this process worked was inspiring. For fun, I did the work a second time and wonder of wonders, I learned even more. This process helped me understand the rules that drove me, keep the ones which helped me reach my goals, and change the rules that were blocking my way. I think and act differently as I run my ministry, sell my books, and help my coaching clients. In a short time, I've already seen good results. I've bought copies of Shatter Your Speed Limits for several family members for Christmas."
- Cheryle M. Touchton, author of The Secret to Everything

"Life changing - Hal and Wendy don't quit until you get your heart's deepest desire!" - Johanna Manasse

"This is a life-enriching experience." - Maher Rashid, DMD

"Working with Hal Dibner is like having a partner walk right beside you as you travel the long and winding road of your emotions. Instead of interpreting or describing, Hal is your cohort in untangling the puzzles that cause self-sabotage or consternation. You laugh, you cry, you problem-solve, you look at every angle in order to see the truth that is you." - Karen Sweeters

"As I worked to rebuild my new life and future, the insight into my life which you allowed me to obtain was amazing." - Ken Hurt, DDS, MS

"We bless the day the Hal and Wendy came into our lives." Dr. and Mrs. Kevin Less
"It gave me permission within myself to be a more effective leader in the office, to be able to set guidelines for employees and expect them to keep and follow gave me an insight into who I am, who I want to be and more importantly, where I am going."
- C. Lederman

"...what I have learned from you is going to help me in so many ways in dealing with "life" and especially with my family and coworkers." - Dan Czapeck, DDS

Meaningful, positive, practical weekend with 2 sensitive people." - Hal Willens, MD

"I learned and grew as much in one weekend with Hal and Wendy as I did in 3 years of one-on-one (individual) therapy!" - Susan Chassar, Office Manager

"Hal and Wendy are fantastic. They are truly insightful, intuitive people. I love that they are genuine and care about all participants in their seminars. In addition, they are selfless in that they will take time out from their schedules to make sure the trainees are doing okay, in seminar and in their lives!" - Megan A. Campbell-Degedeh

My experience with the Dibners was LIFE CHANGING!" - Leonora Lopez, MD

"I have gained a greater understanding of myself, others and humanity as a whole. You have made a positive impact on my life. You feel like kindred spirits. You are doing God's work. Thank you for your love and strength and confidence in all of us." - Lynn Cordahi, RN, MS Nurse Practitioner